Sunday, August 9, 2009

Housekeeping: Name Change on HSX

This is a bit of housekeeping: I changed my username on HSX today. I've been using "Halbs1" for almost my entire HSX career, but my nom de Internet on every other site is JohnTEQP (hence the name of this blog). I can't remember exactly why I chose Halbs1; I think I had registered JohnTEQP, but somehow didn't keep it, so I had to reregister under Halbs1. But with the change of database engine and the switch to version 4 of HSX, they are offering players the opportunity to change their usernames. So I switched it to JohnTEQP, to be consistent with my name on other sites. I've been playing HSX for about 11 years, so this has been a long time coming.

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