Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CX Derivatives on HSX

HSX is launching a new kind of security, CX Derivatives. CX stands for "Cantor Exchange," because HSX is owned by Cantor Fitzgerald, a British financial company. I'm very excited by this. I bought the max of all the CX Derivatives yesterday. Cost me about H$25 million. Good thing I have $H700 million cash! Also took about two hours, although I spent a fair amount of time watching trailers. So far I am making money on almost all of them.

What's very cool about this development is that it is a precursor to trading real money in derivatives through this Cantor Exchange. That would be great.

I particularly like the way HSX handled the timing of this announcement. They floated the IPOs of all these derivatives just a couple of weeks after all the Summer Blockbuster Warrants cashed out, and right after the Emmy Warrants cashed out, so there is a real demand in the market for derivatives right now, as well as a fair amount of free cash. This is also the beginning of the awards and holiday seasons, so there are lots of good options for investing in. I also noticed that they delisted all the Movie Studio Funds. I'm not sure why, apart from the fact they were really boring securities, but I suspect it was to free up cash for people to invest in these CX Derivatives. Good move, if that was the case.

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