Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009: It's Complicated, Sherlock Holmes, Nine

I'm a little late posting this, since the stocks halt in the next few minutes, so this is going to be brief.

It's Complicated: Well, maybe. Sounds like an appealing romantic comedy for a group of people who normally aren't targeted by movies in this genre, i.e. people over 50. It also sounds like it's a little too formulaic, which could also turn off these people, who should be more discriminating by virtue of experience. Also, the stock has been tanking of late. Short.

Sherlock Holmes: This is another "reinvention," i.e. an updating of a franchise. I'm not sure I buy it, because I have the feeling that without Holmes' calm, understated British approach, this becomes another action adventure movie. Someone, I think the producer, described this as "James Bond in 1891." Except that we already have James Bond, and Sherlock Holmes is supposed to occupy a different place in the pop culture universe. Holmes is not supposed to be a rogue. There is supposed to be something elitist and slightly snobbish about him. He's supposed to represent the best of society - the smnartest, most responsible, most diligent - taking care of everyone. Stock is down H$6 today. Short

Nine is that rarity, a musical. The reviews have not been great, and apparently Daniel Day-Lews is not much of a song and dance man. But there are lots of seriously hot women, which should have some appeal to certain segments of the population. It's just below H$30, so I think it might be a bargain. Long.

Well, this turned out to be a heck of a weekend for the box office - biggest weekend ever. Woo hoo! I was mostly wrong, seriously underestimating the appeal of Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. and the Chipmunks. I was technically wrong on It's Complicated, but not by much, since it only adjusted up H$2. I was also technically wrong on Up in the Air, which probably got lost in the shuffle, but the studio is rolling that out slowly and deliberately, so that should still be a good one to hold long to delist. I also underestimated how badly Nine would get lost in the shuffle. No love for Mr. Day-Lewis.

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